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Short Women Hairstyles 2018-2019

Ultravioletten Pixie

This stepped or stacked Bob has its Perimeter even from front to back. It is lighter in the back and longer in front but, this makes the hair naturally put on the face.

Do you wear your hair to the side? This asymmetrical cut makes you look like you’ve worn your hair to the side without doing it.Use a flexible hold spray that provides long-lasting Hold.

This super cool Pixie haircut is all about volume and texture, so it has the perfect cut Option for fine-haired ladies.

Pixies are a hot style for the coming season. If you go this Route with fine hair, make sure to look for a beautiful stylist, you can count on to take you there, and to keep your Pixie on point with regular salon visit. The right product is the key here and your Stylist can show you the Best for your new Look.

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